Words can’t even begin to describe how I feel, but I have to try. Please be advised that there is sensitive material ahead that could be triggering for some.

Photo by Andrew Dunstan on Unsplash

It seems like everywhere you look right now there’s a new story.

If you’re looking for a light read, that’s not what you’re about to get. There are three stories that have been leading to paranoia, sadness, frustration, and my inability to concentrate, and I’m about to describe them in detail.

She Was Just Walking Home

Sarah Everard disappeared walking home on March 3rd. She took all of the precautions I normally take — keys in hand, shoes she can run in, aware of her surroundings, called her boyfriend, walked down a well-lit street. She never made it home.

Since I was 7 years old…

Reagan Rust

Former Professional Hockey Player & Captain of Boston U’s NCAA DI Women’s Ice Hockey. Working to empower the next generation of female athletes.

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